Action, Thrills, and Romance Combined in Exhilarating Novel

A tale about survival and finding love amidst the dangers

Fight to Survive is the first instalment in the Joe and Kay West series by author Lance Figgins. The novel traces Randy’s story before he became Joe West. As an undercover agent for the US government for 15 years, Randy has had his share of life-threatening moments. From the mountains and deserts of Afghanistan to the jungles of drug capital Columbia, Randy has seen and experienced it all. The last mission he had was hard to forget as he was captured and tortured. Despite being severely injured, he still managed to escape and fought his way to the US Embassy in Bogota. Under the federal witness protection program, he was attacked and decided to start on his own adapting the name Joe West. As he starts a new life, will he ever find peace? And can he protect Kay, the woman who captured his heart from his past?


A solid addition to the thriller genre, Fight to Survive is fast-paced with thrilling scenes that will rouse readers’ interest as the story soars. Before you know it, the story ends, and readers will ask for more. Figgins has masterfully created a tale that also highlights the love between Joe and Kay. This novel has it all – action, romance, and drama – just the right combination to excite readers as they flip through the pages. Grab a copy of the book now and be enamored with the characters in this superb series! 


Judy Longoria, an Amazon customer shares, “I could not put the book down. I got my first of Lance’s books from a friend. I have the mall now and waiting for more release.”


Lance Figgins is a writer, a licensed pilot, and a car enthusiast. He lives in Minnesota and enjoys driving his collection of cars. He also loves the outdoors, and when at home, he spends time with his son, partner, and mother. Figgins continues to write his Joe and Kay West series with Deadly Desire and Surviving Evil already doneHe has started working on the fourth and fifth instalments with the working titles Blood in the Desert Sand and Justifiable Vengeance, respectively. Figgins is also a poet and recently published Poetic Trucker: Broken Dreams, a collection of poems sharing his thoughts and experiences while travelling on the open road. His previous works include Poetic Trucker: A Mile of TimePoetic Trucker: Whispered Words; and Poetic Trucker: Time Passes On. He also wrote Love Storm: Love, Laughter, and Tears and Love Storm: The Beginning.

Fight to Survive

Lance Figgins

Paperback      |   $8.98

Hardcover      |   $21.00

E-book            |   $6.99

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