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Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas from Ingress Advertising and Lance. He’s decided to give anyone and everyone a Christmas present. Available only here for a limited time you can download his first book in the Joe and Kay West series, Fight To Survive. Simply click on the link below.

Here’s a short summary to help entice you

Fight To Survive Joe and Kay West novel. 

From the mountains and desserts of Afghanistan to the jungles and drug cartels of Columbia. Randy served his country many ways. After 15 years of continuous under cover work. Being captured and torched. He Escaped and manage to fight his way to the US Embassy in Bogotá. Severely wounded he fell through the Embassy gates and survived. Now in the federal witness protection program can he learn to live in peace. Meeting the love of his life he must now adapt to life he never knew existed. Along with protecting her from his past.

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