Minnesota Writer Releases Thrilling Novel Exploring Love, Friendship and the Dangers of Human Trafficking

Minnesota Writer Releases Thrilling Novel Exploring Love, Friendship and the Dangers of Human Trafficking

The engrossing second installment in the Joe and Kay series set in the American West

Deadly Desire by author Lance Figgins is the second novel in a series featuring the husband and wife team of Joe and Kay West. In this installment, Joe scrambles against time as he tries to rescue his wife after being abducted by a sinister drug and human trafficker. Aware that he could not do the feat alone, Joe calls his best friend Logan knowing that Logan will do whatever it takes to bring Kay back. Logan himself has found a new love in Rene, and the life-threatening mission could make or break their relationship.

Figgins has delivered another page-turner and a fast-paced story after the success of the first novel Fight to Survive. Readers will be on the edge of their seats as they root for Joe and Logan to stop the madman from selling Kay into slavery. With complex and multifaced characters, there is never a dull moment in this book.  And while the story may be action packed, readers will also appreciate the theme of love and friendship Figgins wonderfully explored. A must-have for every book enthusiast, the gripping and thrilling novel will surely put readers on a roller coaster ride.

 Deadly Desire has won the 2020 Literary Prestige Award for Book Excellence. A.C. Beckham shares, “The prose is crisp and wonderful to read, the plot features very dramatic turns and ‘Aha’ moments that keep readers looking forward to what happens next. The action sequences are exciting and fluid while characters grow and change throughout. The dialogue is believable and moves at a refreshing pace.”

Lance Figgins is a writer, an over-the-road trucker, and an automobile enthusiast. He lives in Minnesota and enjoys driving his collection of cars. Figgins continues to write his Joe and Kay West series with the third installment Surviving Evil already doneHe has already started working on the fourth and fifth installments with the working titles Blood in the Desert Sand and Justifiable Vengeance, respectively. Figgins is also a poet and recently published Poetic Trucker: Broken Dreams, a collection of poems sharing his thoughts and experiences while traveling in the open road. His previous works include the Poetic Trucker: A Mile of TimePoetic Trucker: Whispered Words; and Poetic Trucker: Time Passes On. He also wrote Love Storm: Love, Laughter, and Tears and Love Storm: The Beginning.

Deadly Desire

Lance Figgins

Paperback    |   $16.95

Hardcover    |   $25.24

E-book           |  $9.49

Book copies are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.

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